G|Days – visual identity for Google


G-Days is a series of events across emerging markets to engage with and support developers, business leaders, IT professionals and entrepreneurs who are adopting Google technology.


Create a visual identity for G-Days, considering the overall Google look&feel, and a suite of assets with guidelines to
re-purpose for each individual event around the world.

Completed at Toaster

Making drug dealers work for charity


Class A Marketing is a personal project. It explores a particular subculture in London, presenting a collection of real messages from drug dealers, promoting their ‘products’ to end customers.

The project has a specific point of view, looking at the messages through the lens of conventional marketing techniques and how those techniques have been applied to promote recreational drugs.

Class A Marketing explores this social taboo in a rather humorous way, aiming to turn such a controversial topic into something positive – T-shirt with dealers’ messages could be purchased on the project’s website and all profit is to be donated to a charitable organisation dedicated to individuals with substance abuse issues.

 Please visit www.classamarketing.co

A claim to fame

Find it here
Find it here

Street art as national identity celebration


This is a personal project dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet. I was born in Bulgaria and the Cyrillic characters are deeply imprinted in my head since childhood… 

May, 24 is the national day of the Cyrillic alphabet in Bulgaria. On that morning Sofia woke up with 30 ceramic tiles, each one carrying a character of the Cyrillic alphabet. These were displayed on 30 central locations around the city. The project depicts the topic of national identity and the role of the alphabet as an important part of it. 

The manifesto published on the project’s website 30bukvi.com (30 letters – translated from Bulgarian) states:

”Today the big cultures absorb the small ones. The more popular languages overpower the others. The identities of many small nations start to fade away in the shadow of the big ones. The Cyrillic alphabet is a significant part of the identity of our small (Bulgarian) nation, culture and language. it is one of those few things that we could call our own. Let’s celebrate it!

The project ‘30bukvi’ (30letters) is a visual interpretation of the Cyrillic alphabet. 29 ceramic tiles exhibited on the streets of Sofia. 29 pieces of love. But there is one more… Do you want it?”

 As an interactive part of the project, one character was not put on a wall but rather hidden in public space… On the web site there is a riddle giving info on where the last tile is hidden so one could go look for it, find it and keep a piece of the story. The tile was found by a girl called Teodora. 

More at The Guardian Insider’s cultural guides

A collection of Christmas cards


This is an ongoing personal project. As a creative I aim at bending the clichés related to Christmas and mixing Christianity and pop culture.

It’s all about play.

Christmas card 2017

Christmas card 2016. Experience it here

Christmas card 2018

Christmas card 2015

Christmas card 2014
Christmas card 2013
Christmas card 2012

Helping young Hondurans stay out of trouble


Many young Hondurans have no option but to join a gang. Unemployment is high and working for a gang is often the only way to make money… Kenco could help young people avoid the gang life by giving them an alternative. Coffee farming.


Create a visual language and a visual identity for the ‘Coffee VS Gangs’ campaign. And create a set of guidelines that is supplied to agencies around the world adopting the creative work.

Completed at J. Walter Thompson London

An awareness on the depletion of fish


This is a personal project which aims to raise awareness and create an overview of the problem about continuously depleting fish population in the world ocean. It presents a compilation of data from various sources, organized and structured in a collection of 5 folded, double sided posters. Each of them provides information about a specific sub-topic that is part of the issue. The front side works as a conventional poster and the back presents an information graphic composition using statistics, numbers and in-depth knowledge about the given topic.

An editorial re-design


Skylife is the inflight magazine of Turkish Airlines. It comes out in 300,000 copies each month, presenting an array of topics to its readers – travel destinations, cultural and culinary guides, news, and innovation across airline industry.


A complete re-design of the publication, creating a new grid system, choosing new typefaces and establishing a new visual style which compliments Turkish values with a modern twist on national heritage.

The science of perfect sleep


The market for quality mattresses in the UK is beyond saturated. All brands on the UK market claim their mattresses deliver prefect sleep but no one has any tangible evidence to back that claim up.


SIMBA wanted to stand out of the crowd and find an innovative way to own the ‘perfect sleep’.


We created SLEEP LABS. An experiential campaign that links sleep with science.  SLEEP LABS is a physical space, designed and dedicated to discoveries that improve human sleep. Created with a fine balance between minimalism and cosiness of a real home. And cleverly equipped with seamless technology, supporting the science of perfect sleep.


The Simba SLEEP LABS is a platform for experiments concerning the science of perfect sleep. This is an inexhaustible mission, that allows us to facilitate numerous of engaging activities.

Each of these activities will be headlined as a compelling question regarding sleep, that we wish to investigate.

These questions will inform a program of events at the Sleep Lab. A series of topical experiences keeping us relevant and newsworthy throughout the year.

Completed at Exposure London

The App that keeps
all your info in one secure place


Masterpass is a digital payment solution by MasterCard. It give its customers the flexibility to manage their wallets and simplifies the checkout experience across a wide array of retailers. It leverages the most advanced methods of payment security available today, including tokenization, which ensures information is protected.


Create an awareness campaign that spits out the benefits of the product.



Together we are Priceless

I was part of a team tasked to develop a campaign and a tool-kit establishing universal rules for MasterCard Passions – a global platform where the brand provides an exclusive experience for it’s audience, related to a ‘Passion’ such as – culinary packages, music & theatre performances, cocktails & mixology events, hospitality experiences, etc

Completed at McCann London