An Art Director who gives a fuck.

This is Georgi. His oldest friends call him Jore.
He is an Art Director with a passion for seductive
and culturally relevant work.

Georgi started as a Designer and later moved into conceptual creative. So yeah, confident with concept and execution. And he’s proven it as an Art Director in a number of agencies in London – Ogilvy, McCann, Havas, to name a few.

Hi there. Georgi is an Art Director. He is the type of guy who likes to come up with ideas that make people go “Damn, I wish I came up with that”. He likes to make things, break things and win things. He also writes about himself in third person, only if he really has to.

Simply put, after graduating Central Saint Martins, Georgi has worked as a designer in some of the big agencies in town, such as Mother, Grey and JWT. Then transitioned to Creative where he has done ATL, digital, social and experiential work. Plus, he keeps doing personal projects, just to keep it fresh.

Wow, you have high tolerance for bragging.
You want more?

Finally, Georgi is an Art Director with a flavour for bridging digital and physical spaces. He’s done work for creative agencies, digital shops and design studios. So he is very skilled when it comes to designing visual languages. And he can come up with integrated campaign ideas, pull together look & feel, write copy and direct shoots. But most of all, he can bond with clients and convince them to buy the work. Because he loves what he does.

However, if you really wanna know Georgi, drop me an email and lets grab a coffee.