Monzo Flex. Pay later for pretty much anything.

We were tasked to create a campaign presenting the perks behind Monzo’s new ‘buy now pay later’ feature – Flex.

We created ‘Pretty much anything’ – a playful set of films caring the Monzo’s tone of voice and the brand’s unique aesthetic.

Your life,
in one conversation

Kalibra is the first app to connect your complete health needs in a single conversation, delivering personalised insights and actions to create positive habits.

I was briefed to develop Kalibra’s brand identity, UX & UI, and its visual language, as proof of concept.

Where now meets next

A brand campaign to build belief that FedEx lives in Next – a place where the real potential of innovation is delivered and transformative change happens. This campaign demonstrates to businesses that FedEx sees commerce differently – and that, wherever their next ambition may lead, the connective global network can get them there now.

Completed at Redwood BBDO

Nike Berlin Marathon

We were tasked to develop a set of adcepts for Nike Vaporfly 4% related to the possible outcomes of the Berlin Marathon, ready to hit the billboards. Scenarios such as: Break the 2 hour barrier; Break a world record; Win the race; Male and Female podium sweeps.


The campaign line ‘FAST AS F$%K’ was a given.

Developed in a team with Graeme Bowman

Pioneering Electric Aviation

I was tasked to establish a clear visual direction / look&feel, as well as create a number of comms materials for the Vertical’s brand.

Vertical Aerospace is a British aerospace manufacturer based in Bristol, that designs and builds zero carbon, vertical take-off and landing electrically powered aircraft.

Unfold your new style

 Was tasked with creating and over-viewing the development of a number of key visuals and product videos showcasing the spectacular features of the new SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip.

Completed at IRIS London


As a Senior AD I was part of the team tasked to develop an autumn/winter campaign for MEGA BLOKS, promoting their constructors in the cold months when kids spend most of their time indoors.

Completed at Ogilvy London

Step to the plate London


I was asked to design a set of visuals in line with the brand’s identity, advertising the MLB S60 Series coming to London. A social softball game built for the city.

A new look&feel for Mazda UK


The UK automotive market is a complicated and cluttered environment. Consumers have a great choice of options and every detail matters in order to cut through the noise.


Redesign the visual language of all product ads for Mazda, for the UK. Create visuals style that carries consistency across all car models, and at the same time have a personal twist for each individual model.

Completed at J. Walter Thompson London

G|Days – visual identity for Google


G-Days is a series of events across emerging markets to engage with and support developers, business leaders, IT professionals and entrepreneurs who are adopting Google technology.


Create a visual identity for G-Days, considering the overall Google look&feel, and a suite of assets with guidelines to
re-purpose for each individual event around the world.

Completed at Toaster