The science of perfect sleep


The market for quality mattresses in the UK is beyond saturated. All brands on the UK market claim their mattresses deliver prefect sleep but no one has any tangible evidence to back that claim up.


SIMBA wanted to stand out of the crowd and find an innovative way to own the ‘perfect sleep’.


We created SLEEP LABS. An experiential campaign that links sleep with science.  SLEEP LABS is a physical space, designed and dedicated to discoveries that improve human sleep. Created with a fine balance between minimalism and cosiness of a real home. And cleverly equipped with seamless technology, supporting the science of perfect sleep.


The Simba SLEEP LABS is a platform for experiments concerning the science of perfect sleep. This is an inexhaustible mission, that allows us to facilitate numerous of engaging activities.

Each of these activities will be headlined as a compelling question regarding sleep, that we wish to investigate.

These questions will inform a program of events at the Sleep Lab. A series of topical experiences keeping us relevant and newsworthy throughout the year.

Completed at Exposure London